S & R Membership Shopping – an overview

For those who are not yet familiar with S & R, let me just give you a brief background about this store. S & R is an all-American style warehouse club  with four locations in the Philippines, i.e., Global City, Baclaran, Congressional & Alabang.  As this is a membership shopping store like Macro, you need to apply for membership at an annual fee of PhP 700.

For information on how to become a member, please visit http://www.snrshopping.com.

Several advantages of being a member of S &R include:

  • the store offers a great combination of both local and imported products..really, really expansive selection
  • you can buy your favorite imported goodies  (e.g., chocolates, chips,  jams, candies, beverages etc.) here at much lower prices
  • you can find here your trusted international brand names which are not available in local supermarkets
  • you can find products in a variety of sizes (from small to super large packaging) – upsizing your purchases really save a lot.. so grab the large packages instead of the small ones
  • wines & other alcoholic drinks are sold at very, very low prices…  (i cannot remember the exact amounts, but for purposes of example, a Jose Cuervo tequila is sold here at approximately P 450.. same item is sold at a large local supermarket @ approximately P 700 ++)
  • food service offers mouth-watering foods (i.e., sizzling hot New York style pizzas, hotdogs, burgers,

    S & R membership shopping card

    churroz, calzones, blue bunny and haagen dazs ice creams, clam chowder, rotisserie chicken) at great prices. Bottomless sodas are sold @ P 39 only.

The P 700 membership fee is really negligible compared to the perks of being an S & R member. But I must warn you, not all items are cheaper here. Some are priced the same with that in the local supermarkets, and others might be even more pricey. Bottomline, it’s wiser to know the prices for certain products so you know what to buy where. Practice comparison shopping always.

Next time I’ll drop by S & R, I’ll check the prices of  some products vis-a-vis other local supermarkets, just to give you an idea what products are best to buy here. I’ll be posting it here soon…. Happy shopping!


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